If you are looking for Internet-TV with great features, Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron 40-inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV, Black is the right choice for you. LC40LE830U delivers the ultimate HDTV experience and has many features compared to other HDTV product. Sharp LC40LE830U combines advanced picture quality with Sharp's proprietary Quattron quad-pixel technology and connected TV services

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LC40LE830U Product Description

Here LC40LE830U product description.
LED LCD TV, QUATTRON Quad Pixel exclusive 4 color technology, X-GEN LCD panel, Built in Wireless, Netflix streaming,Vudu, Cinema now AQUOS Net and more apps, 120Hz fine motion, USB Media player

LC40LE830U Product Features

sharp LC40LE830U
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Sharp LC40LE830U reinforces its leadership in the HDTV field, complete with Sharp's proprietary Quattron quad-pixel technology, which adds a fourth color-yellow-to the traditional RGB pixel format, for richer color and brilliant picture detail. An LED backlit X-Gen LCD panel enables a dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1 for seriously deep blacks. Sharp's 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced motion processing virtually eliminates blur and motion artifacts in fast-moving video. 

The LC-40LE830U also boasts connected TV services, including Vudu apps, Netflix streaming video, CinemaNow, Blockbuster On Demand, Alphaline Entertainment, and Napster. Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi, connectivity is easier than ever. This also makes for an easy connection to AQUOS Advantage Live, the industry's leading online support system, to help ensure you get the most out of your new television.

Quattron Quad Pixel Technology
Quattron LED LCD TVs feature advanced technologies enabling picture quality that has been difficult or impossible to reproduce using conventional LCD displays. When combined with Sharp's 1080p X-Gen LCD panel, the displays offer dramatic reduction in energy consumption compared with conventional CCFL LCD TVs. These technologies work in tandem to optimize picture quality and contrast ratios while reducing energy use.

Quattron LED LCD TVs employ a four-color filter, adding the color Y (yellow) to the three colors of R (red), G (green) and B (blue). Quad Pixel technology produces this groundbreaking combination expanding the color gamut and faithfully rendering nearly all colors that can be discerned while introducing never-before-seen colors to LCD TVs, like sparkling golds, Caribbean blues and sunflower yellows.

Sharp's X-Gen panel provides a wider aperture, allowing more light to pass through, which requires fewer backlighting elements to create an extremely bright image. Also, because the redesigned LCD panel has fewer ribs than traditional panels, the pixels seal more completely, enabling nearly all light to be blocked and resulting in deeper blacks.

sharp LC40LE830U review
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120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced
Sharp uses a unique algorithm to create images that help smooth sharp edges on moving objects, like a running play in football, a player swinging a bat, or a car chase. By creating new images and filling in the gaps, motion appears smoother and less jumpy. The result is a smoother picture with more detail.

X-Gen Panel
Sharp's X-Gen panel provides a wider aperture allowing more light to pass through, which requires fewer backlighting elements to create an extremely bright image. Also, because the re-designed LCD panel has less ribs than traditional panels, the pixels are better sealed which enables nearly all light to be blocked resulting in darker images.

Mega Contrast
With a full LED backlight, luminance can be controlled with greater precision than with a CCFL backlight because of the differences in intensity control properties. Compared with the modulation rate of a typical CCFL backlight, the ultra-bright LED backlight is capable of modulating down to an incredible rate. Through the combined operation of Sharp's X-Gen panel, which has a high contrast ratio and Sharp's ultra-brilliant LED backlight system, AQUOS LE830 Series LCD TVs achieve an ultra-high contrast ratio that delivers unprecedented degrees of black and images that project incredible depth.

VyperDrive game mode helps to eliminate the lag time between the game console and TV. When Game Mode is activated, the signal is streamlined, resulting in transmission that is five times faster than normal mode. The result is a game experience you'll never forget.

Environmental Advantages
Sharp designed AQUOS LCD TVs to require fewer resources to manufacture and less energy to consume. Sharp LCD TVs are ENERGY STAR qualified and feature low energy consumption and extended operation life. Sharp is committed to setting new standards for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness by minimizing waste and greenhouse gases in all Sharp factories. We are constantly improving conservation technologies and programs in the packaging, transportation, use, recycling and safe disposal of our products.

Connected TV Services
sharp LC40LE830U internet tv services
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about Internet TV Services
The built in Wi-Fi port allows connection to a wireless router to provide access to Netflix and VUDU streaming, while helping to eliminate cable clutter. Instantly watch TV episodes & movies from Netflix, VUDU or CinemaNow right from your TV. Plus, access hundreds of the best apps like Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, and Flickr through VUDU Apps. Membership and/or additional fees may apply.

Receive exclusive benefits for registering free for AQUOS Advantage. Benefits of enrolling are Premium Connected Services. This allows an AQUOS Advantage advisor to connect to your AQUOS LCD TV via an available connection to the Internet. Once connected, the advisor can assist with product setup, review connections, personalize settings based on your preferences and perform a complete systems check-up. As a member you could also enjoy a dedicated member support phone line, priority services, access to the exclusive membership website and a FREE 3-Month Warranty Extension.

The Quattron Series is full of great features, including the addition of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix. With built-in Wi-Fi, connecting has never been easier. Instantly watch on your Sharp LCD TV when you want, as often as you want.
Membership and/or additional fees may apply.

VUDU HD Movies
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If it's out on DVD, chances are you can watch it on VUDU. Don't pick from a list of last year's hits or be limited by inventory. Get your movie on VUDU without the hassle--you can even watch the first few minutes for free. In 1080p HD quality and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

CinemaNow offers instant access to an extensive library of premium video content for rental or purchase, including new-release movies and TV shows. Seamlessly access content on a wide range of internet-connected devices including TV, Blu-ray Disc players and PCs from multiple manufacturers. No subscription required.

Blockbuster On Demand
With Blockbuster On Demand you can order and watch movies instantly from your couch or on the go. There are no monthly fees and less waiting. Watch new movies the day they're available for sale.

Napster lets you listen to music instantly on your Sharp TV. With Napster you get instant access to the 12 million song Napster library. Play Billboard Charts back to 1955, kick back and listen to over 60 ad-free radio stations. You can easily create playlists with the music you want.

Alphaline Entertainment
Alphaline Entertainment is a digital movie and entertainment service that lets you buy or rent newly released Hollywood hits and TV Shows. New releases are available on the same day DVDs and Blu-ray discs are available for purchase, and select TV Shows are available one day after airdate. You pay for only the content you buy or rent--no subscription fees!

DLNA Home Sharing
Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a large coalition of the world's best-known digital companies with the goal of making your home media networks a reality. Easily share high-quality streaming digital media between consumer electronic devices. Stream music from your phone to your TV and/or watch HD movies on the move.

IP Control
The Internet protocol (IP) control feature enables your computer, control panel or mobile device to remotely manage or automate video and audio equipment via the Ethernet terminal. This allows for easy integration into a home theater/home control system.

Sharp LC40LE830U Customer Review

Here is one of the honest Sharp LC40LE830U Review by BTideRoll that already purchase this product.
I shopped around for awhile trying to decide between plasma and LED. I went to a few stores to see the TVs in person and to compare all the different brands and features. I had seen commercials for the Sharp Quattron so I specifically wanted to check it out.

Hands down the Quattron has the best, brightest, and clearest picture amongst the LED/LCDs. I looked at all the plasmas which just seemed so dull compared to the LEDs and specifically the Quattron. I wanted the LED because it weighed less, consumed less energy, was brighter, and didn't have the risk of burn in or a plasma TV hum, or the glare issue everyone is talking about. It comes down to personal preference really and the debate will never end over which technology is better. But you CAN use facts to determine which to purchase. If you don't care about viewing angle, and want a brighter picture, lower weighing and power consuming product, then you choose LED. The newest LEDs really do have good black levels compared to prior years LCDs.

The Quattron's colors truly are more crisp and richer than even other LEDs that I compared it to--it was so obvious with all of them side by side (especially with scenes containing yellow). I found the colors to be pretty realistic, true, bold, and rich. Some reviews I read were saying how the colors seemed unreal or fake. You be the judge. You can calibrate this TV however you want so each to his own with regards to color. I left it on standard and everything looked great right out of the box.

It isn't as "fast" on paper as some of the 240hz models (mainly those with 3d), but it doesn't need to be. I'm not worried about motion because my 3 year old regular LCD with 120hz from samsung handled sports and motion just fine, and this TV does as well. As the other reviewer was stating, this 120hz motion engine is a beast. It, at times, makes you feel like you are on the set the movement is so smooth. Sometimes it may seem artificial its so realistic/smooth as he was stating so you can turn down some of the effects depending on what you are watching. I've compared this movement to other TVs and the movement is *consistent* on this TV and has no blur, whereas on some other LED/LCDs you will notice edge blur even on regular shows and I'd hate to see those on sports.

I'm upgrading from a 46" Samsung Touch of Color that was top of the line back in 2008 and this 40" Sharp blows it out of the water in every way. I'm going to be upgrading to the 46" version of the Quattron since I love it so much.

Network setup was easy, it found my home wireless network. I was really impressed by the built in wi-fi. I didn't even have to configure anything. I just turned the TV on, it found my network, and immediately asked if I wanted to upgrade to the latest software/firmware. The Netflix and other apps work fine, but honestly just about EVERY device now has all these built in apps (my ps3, blue player, and now the TV). So I prefer to use the apps via my PS3 to take the burden, if any, from the TV. Sound is plenty for this TV, but you can obviously upgrade to a home theatre system. I was satisfied with the built in sound and it was plenty loud for my needs.

Bottom line is this is a very high quality LED. I have never invested in a Sharp product. I've always stuck with Samsung, but this TV has won me over. It is so high quality from the TV to the remote control (love it). You see this quality in the price, and with TVs, you get what you pay for.

Final verdict? I am completely satisfied with this TV. It's very thin, light weight, bright, gives an awesome picture, and has good audio. If you want this caliber of a TV, but don't need the built in Wi-Fi (for many reasons), you can save money and get the 810 series. If you want all the bells and whistles get the 830 series, and if you want everything plus the 3D, try the 835 series.

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