LC40LE830U Customer Reviews

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Sharp LC40LE830U Description

Sharp LC40LE830U HDTV
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Here Sharp LC40LE830U description.
Internet-Ready Television
Internet-ready TVs use your broadband connection to deliver dynamic content, whether it's streaming video from Netflix, new music from Pandora, or a quick glance at today's weather forecast.

Although there is overlap, each manufacturer offers a unique bundle of free or paid services, including streaming video and music, social networking apps, online photo galleries, news and financial updates, weather info, sports scores, and a variety of other smartphone-like applications.

Manufacturers continue to add new content to their offerings, keeping customers current through firmware updates, and making a bit of research a prudent step in your buying decision.

Sharp LC40LE830U Customer Reviews

A lot of Sharp LC40LE830U buyer are very satisfied and they write reviews to convince you. Here are LC40LE830U Customer Reviews:
- Great LED TV for the price, September 12, 2011
By T. Chan (Dallas, TX)
Reviews play a big part in any television purchase and since I relied heavily on them, it only made sense for me to provide a good review that could help others. Overall, once this TV is setup correctly and all calibration and adjustments are made, it is by far one of the best TVs out there in terms of picture quality, clarify and accuracy. The out of box setting is acceptable but will feel like you are at a big box electronics store. There are a few calibration settings out in various forums so just search for them, try them all and choose your pick. There is some clouding especially when displaying blacks but nothing that will stand out during a normal movie. It is not distracting enough to take your attention away from any movie. Overall blacks are great. TV is loaded with features and options starting from full calibration settings to internet apps galore. One big con is that the navigation menu/software is far from superior. In fact, it can be downright horrible at times. You will get used to it but it could be better. Internet WI-FI built in is great but getting a good signal is not the best. I ended up using a wired connection with a wireless repeater. The TV tuner is borderline. It takes a few seconds to switch between channels regardless of advancing channels or punching in the channel numbers. Like other reviewers said, do not count of advancing channels, just punch in the actual channel you are looking for. Finally, this LED TV is the best value out there. For the price, you cannot go wrong. It is clearly about $200 cheaper than the competition and Sharp makes their own LCD panels. Here are a few calibrations from various sources. I do not take credit for these calibrations.

Calibrations from AVS Forums
AV Mode Movie (AVS)
Backlight 16
Contrast 35
Brightness 0
Color -5 or -8
Tint -5
Sharpness 1

Red 0
Yellow -20
Green 16
Cyan 0
Blue 0
Magenta 27

CMS Saturation
Red 10
Yellow -9
Green 0
Cyan -5
Blue -10
Magenta 0

CMS Value
Red 0
Yellow 15
Green 0
Cyan 6
Blue 10
Magenta 0

Color Gamut Range Expanded
Color Temp Low

Motion Enhancement 120
Quad Pixel Plus On
Active Contrast Off
Gamma Adjustment 0
Film Mode Off
Digital Noise Reduction Off
Monochrome Off
Range of OPC N/A
Power Savings Off

Calibrations from CNET
AV Mode Movie
Backlight 4
Contrast 30
Brightness 1
Color 0
Tint 0
Sharpness 0

Red 0
Yellow 4
Green -5
Cyan 2
Blue 0
Magenta 2

CMS Saturation
Red 0
Yellow -2
Green -1
Cyan 0
Blue -7
Magenta 0

CMS Value
Red 2
Yellow 0
Green 9
Cyan 4
Blue 3
Magenta 0

Color Gamut Range Standard
Color Temp Low
R Lo =11
G Lo =7
B Lo = 13
R Hi = -2
G Hi = -7
B Hi = 0

Motion Enhancement 120
Quad Pixel Plus On
Active Contrast Off
Gamma Adjustment 2
Film Mode Off
Digital Noise Reduction Off
Monochrome Off
Range of OPC Any
Power Savings Off
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- Best 40-inch 2D LED under $1000, July 30, 2011
By Derek
Picture Quality: Outstanding.

- Black Levels: Best I've seen on same sized LEDs. Backlight on max as well (my preference) and it still looked amazing. Tested it on Alien which contains many dark and simply plain black screens. It was hardly brighter than that of the TV being off just because of the backlight.
- 120Hz: Not the best 120Hz I've seen, but it does the job. A TINY amount of motion blur, but definitely not enough to remove a star.
- Viewing angles: Excellent. I have my TV mounted wall about 3 feet higher than eye level. When I stand up to match eye level it looks as if the TV didn't change brightness, color, or anything of the sort.
- Color: Although some may think of that extra yellow sub-pixel for RGBY as a gimmick, it definitely is working in some way. Every color pops especially the yellow/golds. All of this is adjustable if its a turn off to those who do not prefer somewhat over saturated colors.
- Active Contrast: Known to most as "Dynamic Contrast" where contrast will change depending on scene. It works very well here and I actually use it. It instantly gives a noticeably better picture when selected. It slowly changes depending on the brightness of the scene as on other manufacturers' models "Dynamic Contrast" would be a flashy mess as they struggle to keep up with fast moving pictures. Here it works the best I've ever seen.
Thin and sexy. Front panel has thin edges as well and simple enough to not distract. Bottom silver edge gives this TV a sleek look along with the lit Sharp logo in the middle. Front panel buttons are touch sensitive and easy to use.
Has many buttons so I don't have to go searching through the menu to change something when I can do it on the fly. Only problem is that the remote isn't backlit which I would have liked.
4 HDMI, 1 or 2 component not sure, etc. HDMI stick off the side so if you decide to wall mount this TV they're easily accessible. I only use
I don't use it, but this TV has many apps and DLNA.
Customization: Many more features and little things to be enabled/disabled throughout the menus. Probably 30-40 sub-settings just for color. Many security features on this TV as well. Most options I've ever seen.

- Great quality, June 29, 2011
By Dr Trish (Colorado)
I have a 3 year old Samsung 1080P flatscreen and thought it had a great picture. This Aquos is leaps ahead. Sometimes looks almost like 3D -- it's that good. The entire setup time from box to streaming Netflix through my home network was less than 15 minutes.
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- Sharp Quattron, August 23, 2011
By James A. Menczkowski (Pacific Grove, CA
This is the second sharp T.V. I have purchased. The first one was nine years ago [37"] and is still working well W/O any defects or problems despite the excessive hours it has played. Sharp is one of the few companies that makes their own displays and it is evident in the advances in product development. The color quality in the Quattron screen is unsurpassed by any other unit in its class. After viewing it in several retail stores I decided to upgrade and have not been disappointed in the picture clarity and vastly improved color, especially in H.D. viewing. The 120 Hz rate has to my estimates completely eliminated any blur that I have seen on my friends slower 75 Hz Tv's when viewing live sports. I cannot comment on the TV game mode as this is not used. The WiFi setup was simple and uneventful and I did not encounter any glitches or problems and the number of apps is sufficient for my viewing needs. The remote is properly designed to access WiFi and the menu is sufficiently easy to navigate.
All in all...You get what you pay for...The unit sells retail for around $1,100. I payed $799 for mine, but have seen it drop in price to $650+ then watched it go back up to $850...So if you are planing to purchase from Amazon I would suggest placing the model you want in your wish list and watch the price (Amazon makes adjustments daily, depending on the vendors they list) and your sure to get it at a reasonable price. Unlike American manufacturers the Pacific rims countries will lower their wholesale pricing to keep their factories working and have made the onetime expensive LCD's affordable. My 37" Sharp cost $2,100 nine years ago, and @ $700-$800 this TV is well worth the price...
- Beautiful TV, August 25, 2011
By Christopher DuCasse
Purchased this on an amazon deal page, initially saw it at Best Buy so I had seen the picture quality prior to purchase. Needless to say I'm very pleased. PIcture quality is great, sound quality is great, hooked right into our receiver and surround sound system without a problem. XBOX, Blu-ray and PS3 could not look any better. We weren't looking for a 3D TV but if you are look somewhere else.

- This LED LCD HDTV was worth the wait!, September 14, 2011
By xpolarbearx (Virginia, USA)
I've been holding out for a very long time to get a large flat screen HDTV for my studio loft, and I'm so happy I've waited for the Sharp Quattron! I was able to get a great deal through Amazon using my AMEX and Gold Box Deal which was a steal. The picture is amazing and the colors really do pop out at you. You will have to adjust some of the settings to make sure the picture looks right (such as turning off film mode), but once it is calibrated everything I watch is vibrant, clear and makes me feel like I'm in the movie or show! The wireless connectivity and apps are a nice addition, especially the Netflix app. It is exactly the same app as the one on the PS3, so I deleted the PS3 device from netflix and added the Sharp instead. No reason to have two devices on when the apps do the same thing. The TV is super thin and uses very little power... it doesn't heat up a room like my friend's Plasma or LCD HDTV! If you can find it under $600 again I highly recommend you jump on the deal, this is a great HDTV with lots of features and the quality you get from the Sharp Aquos line.
PROS: Great price (when I bought it), quality panel, wireless connection, updatable software, USB connection, can control PS3 with remote.
CONS: No backlight on the remote (which is minor for me)... can't really think of anything else.

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